Thursday, April 10, 2008

Out on a school night

Last night I went over to Richie's place with Marc, Darryl, Darah and Joe W. to watched Idol gives back. The dancers from So You Think You Can Dance performed the opening act which was fab. The best act of the night was Fergie singing Baracuda with Heart. I am starting to become a fan - she's got some fun music and can actually sing. And she has a rockin' bod. {Sigh. It reminds me that I really should be working out in the morning instead of scrapping and blogging, but oh well.}

Afterwards we went to have some drinks at Guava Lamp.
I also finished a layout this morning that I started last night. I am really liking the 8x8 size because it makes a normal size photo stand out and it's much easier to embellish and takes less time. Now I may just go for a short morning run...maybe.


tinger said...

you and your Idol love - too funny! we can do a mini-photo shoot, but i am sure i will be looking not so great... i have to get up around 415am EST tomorrow! can't wait to see ya!

tinger said...

p.s. mark is such a ham for the camera! good thing he is such good friends with you - the class historian!