Friday, May 02, 2008

Better blogging

I am going to attempt to blog every day that I can get to a computer this month {I will be out of town tomorrow until Monday for a work conference. I was contemplating bringing Joe's laptop, but I don't think I'll have much computer time when I am there}. Nothing to exciting has been happening lately which is why I haven't been motivated to write. I guess my interest in it ebbs and flows, like everything else.

My latest obsession is the Hard Candy CD. Not only does Madonna look good but she sound great as well. I have loved every disc she has released since Ray of Light. She is still pop music to the core, but she definitely reinvents herself every time.

But now I will get off the computer to spend a little time with the hubs before I have to leave - we won't be able to spend our anniversary together - boo! Last year this time we were enjoying the beaches of Cancun.

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tinger said...

you guys should celebrate when you get back! and how was the conf, btw? thrilling, i am sure!