Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun with photoshop

So my eyes are getting blurry and burning and it is after 1 am in the morning, WAY past my bedtime, yet I still cannot bring myself to go to bed. Why, you ask? Because I have found yet another hobby to become obsessed with...not just taking photos but using photoshop to edit them.
Here is a photo of yours truly SOOC (straight out of camera)Here's is my black and white edited version with microsoft digital image proHere is a black and white version using a free action from The Pioneer WomanA "lovely and etherial" action:A "fresh and colorful" actionAnd a "vintage" actionSubtle differences but I think they are very cool. I am really excited to learn more about photoshop. But now I really should go to bed!

1 comment:

tinger said...

1am?! you are a crazy woman! did you go run this morn also? I hope not - you need to sleep! But I do like the actions - you will have to show me where you got 'em!