Monday, June 23, 2008

Craft Monday!

Today Tinger and I held our first ever craft Monday. We are doing this in an effort to make presents for people instead of buying things, use up our stash of scrapping, sewing and crafting supplies and enjoy some sisterly bonding time.I actually made 3 scrapbook pages for Tinger this afternoon (the morning was spent running a couple errands, organizing her photos and eating some lunch!).Ting was embroidering some napkins she is making for a friend of hers. I also received a cute giftie from TInger - I love the embroidered initials!{The fringe was not our idea, but I still love my initials and the hard work that she put into making it.} Next week we will be working on a mini-album for one of Tinger's friends. Ting has a lot of scrap crap (nothin' next to mine, but she also has card-making, sewing, embroidery as well as knitting crap. This was a great way to end a nice 3 day weekend!

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tinger said...

YAY! love craft monday! and can't wait for tag book monday next week! xoxo