Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recap of Sat

On Saturday night a group of us threw a baby shower for our good friends, A+ J. They are expecting a baby boy in Sept!We also stopped by a friend of Joe's (Ironman Mark, who is going to Kona in October), who was celebrating his 40th bday, along with his partner and another friend. Together the 3 of them were celebrating 100 years of gay!I bought a new dress for the occasion. I am loving that maxi dresses are in style right now because they are easy to wear and make a bold statement.{Note that I am standing on an ottoman and am barely the same height as the boy I am posing with. He is a very sweet friend of one of the birthday boys who I met on my bday, unfortunately I can't remember his name!}
I have also decided to embrace my love for patterns and prints and to own it. Basic black can be so boring - I love color!

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tinger said...

Cute photos! Yes, go for patterns and color - it is so you! Boring black is more me ;-)