Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby, it's humid outside

So I have officially started my training for the NYC marathon. By sheer luck my name got drawn in the lottery, but Joe's did not. I was hoping we would be able to run together and take photos along the way, but I guess it will just be me! I ran 5 miles this morning and was basically drenched with sweat by the time I finished. My baby sis should be proud that I finished in about 45.16 so almost a 9 min mile pace!

Here is day 3 of our past weekend - I can't believe the week is almost over already -good grief, where does the time go??
It was very foggy on Sunday morning - I love the way the water looks!After our morning run and breakfast we visited the Giant Stairs, a natural rock formation, at Land's End.After lunch Joe did his 2nd annual swim around an island. Last year he swam around Birch Island, right across from our house. This year he swam around White Island (I think) while we kayaked alongside. Here is the view from my kayak!
After a yummy, healthy dinner of chicken, tofu and salad, we stopped by Cote's to have dessert. Dessert was followed by the Producers, which we really enjoyed. It made me wish I had seen the original on Broadway with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. It also reminded me that we really need to see some more shows when they come to H-town!
Tomorrow will be the last day of photos. Thanks for your attention!

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tinger said...

Good job, Yarbs, on the run! You can run faster, it is just a mental block that makes you not. I am very proud ;-)

Vaca pics look great! I am getting ready to go to yogidy - kinda scared! but really need it, my IT bands are tight, and that is no good. xoxo