Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Olympics are killin' me!

Well, not really, but they are definitely cutting into my sleep time! I don't remember being this interested in the games last time around, but we have really enjoyed watching them so far. But that means staying up way past my 9pm bedtime which makes getting up before 5 am to run a bit difficult!

I did manage to wake up, run 5 miles with about 40 minutes of intervals, grocery shop, wash dishes and laundry, create a scrapbook page, surf, clean my scrap crap and get ready for work all before 10 am this morning! I am definitely most productive in the morning :)

And because I prefer to post with a photo, here is another view of one of our loverly creations from Monday:

1 comment:

tinger said...

You're not joking! I have never stayed up so late so many nights in a row ;-) Glad you had such a productive morn!