Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our creations

For part of our craft Monday Miss Tingaling helped me alter some tees to make them more fun and wearable and wearable. We actually "made" 4 new tank tops for me to enjoy for the summer!My faves are the first (Madonna cinched up the side) and last (Beijing 2008 halter, which is very timely indeed!).We also spent some time shopping and getting my poor IPod looked at. He worked this morning, but the prognosis is not good. He just keeps getting too wet after I run.
I've got him soaking in some rice to absorb some of the water, a little bit of advice from Nathan, the Apple genius who helped us yesterday. We'll see if it works!


tinger said...

nice pic of me on the little ball stool. those were cute! i do love the LV luggage!

Karen said...

omg, you're still updating regularly...you're so disciplined. i love your re-creations. i am in this community call t-shirt surgery, but i'm generally too afraid to cut things up!


i found rach through maria on facebook. i gave her your info. she has a cute little girl!