Tuesday, September 30, 2008

17 days!

We FINALLY have power - woo hoo! Thanks so much to my baby sister for having us over last week and letting us use your washer and dryer! This month has been such a haze. I spent most of it on the road and the rest in the dark! Blogging has really been out of the question, but since I got out of work early today I thought I'd leave a little eye candy from our trip (long overdue!)

A cool view of the plane ride to BarcelonaMe outside the emergency room before getting stitchesHanging out at the beachMy cuties at the villaOur villaHappy birthday Alan!Some good seafoodView from the villaIn StigesAnd BarcelonaI still have 847 photos to go through from the trip...it's like reliving it again!

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