Monday, December 08, 2008

So close

{I have a feeling today will be a multiple post day as I have lots on my mind and lots of time - gotta take advantage!}
The Duran2 show was sold out and even though we had seats, the aisle was jammed pack with people trying to get closer and people dancing. We happened to be partying next to Diane Lokey-Farb, an H-town socialite. D recognized her, and after a few cocktails, I summoned the courage to ask for a photo:D took a photo with her friend, Joyce EcholsThey both attended the after-party with the band which was hosted by another H-town socialite, Becca Thrash. We should have been nicer!

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Tingaling said...

Wow! Becca Canson Thrash is the top of the socialites! Too bad you guys didn't get to go to the post party - I would have been very jealous!