Monday, December 08, 2008

New actions!

I generously received Photoshop CS3 as a birthday gift from my parents this year (luckily Dad can buy an educational version which is a bit less costly) and have been addicted ever since. Some much can be done with photoshop but it takes a lot to learn. Which is how I have gotten addicted to "actions" that other people have already made to manipulate my photos and make them look even cooler than they already are (ha!).

Many actions cost money, but one blog I go to ( - trying to make a link is too difficult for me) has made 2 free sets. I have used her first set endlessly and the new one is totally fab! Here are the examples!

Straight out of camera (SOOC)Seventies actionColorizedHeartlandSepia ToneWarmer toneCooler toneI love them - so many possibilities! (Like I don't have enough things to waste my time on...)


Tingaling said...

That is one good looking couple ;-) Thanks for taking our Xmas photos!!! I don't think we are gonna use that one, but there are lots to choose from!

lauren said...

Ohh! P dub has more actions! I must go get them! There are about 4 actions I use from her first set ALL the time!