Sunday, December 07, 2008

Great weekend

Even though most of yesterday was spent feeling a bit tired and hung over from Friday night's concert this was a great weekend (with the exception that my hubs left early Saturday morning to see his grandparents in Phoenix!).
Some highlights:
seeing John Taylor up close and personallearning a new craft - needle felting - with my sis!seeing a tree go from this:to this!Having a photo shoot for 2 of my favorite peeps in the worldgetting my hair cut (I'm hoping David and Luis get a real sign up soon)having a casual dinner with my boys at Collina's (alas, no photos, the day caught up with me last night!)
getting a 9 mile run and yoga in
enjoying some of thiscatching up with GG and Christmas journal

I think now it's almost time for bed. Glad tomorrow is another full day off. I may actually try to get some Christmas shopping done. Wish me luck!

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Tingaling said...

Was a very good weekend! Loved getting to see so much of you!!!