Thursday, January 08, 2009

Still obsessed

One thing Joe and I have in common is that when we find something we like we tend to obsess over it. Now that I have been learning some new stuff in photoshop, it's all I can think about! I have a lot of digital stuff on my computer that I downloaded for free, but haven't really understood how to use them. Now that I am teaching myself some new stuff, it's so fun and easy! I can understand why people like digital takes just as much time but it doesn't have quite the mess. I don't think I'll ever go totally digital because I love the feel of photos in my hands too much, but I definitely want to use some more digital elements, especially to spice up my photos.

I have been playing around with brushes on photoshop this morning. Found a free one with Ali Edwards' handwriting (Ali is a CK scrapping "celebrity"):I just love the handwriting on the photo. And I have also learned to make my own brushes - that just takes a bit more work. So back to Photoshop I go!


Tingaling said...

Can you do some stuff with the photos I need to scrap for Boom's parents (their 40th anniv)?


natty said...

Oooh nice brush work - I love that photo! I can totally sympathise with the brush addiction, when I first got Photoshop I spent about a week downloading brushes all over the place and playing with them. In fact too many to remember just what I had! But it is fun isn't it?? :o)