Monday, June 22, 2009

Anatomy of an excellent weekend

{Warning, very photo heavy post!}
Part one:
Take one early morning runadd a stop to smell the flowersmix in a dask of craftingplus some gift giving and portrait takingInclude a break for lunchadd some ballet for culture.Part two:
Pack your bags for a quick road tripenjoy the cool clouds on the waystop for some quick shoppingwatch the sun go downtry to catch the bats (but just miss them)
Part three:
Another early rise with coffeeSee you hubby off for his bike ridePractice yoga for almost 5 hours!Meet David Swenson and his adorable wife.Grab a quick lunch at the coolest Whole Foods ever.Drive home in sweltering heat. (And skip going to DQ for a blizzard - boo!Take a quick walk to get the mind of aforementioned DQ.Add those 3 together and you have the perfect weekend!

1 comment:

tingaling said...

Very full and excellent weekend! Glad we got some crafting in - the book is finished!!! yay! thanks for your help.