Friday, June 05, 2009

officially old

I remember back in high school loving when Fridays came so I could hang out with my friends at night. And I remember asking why Mom and Dad always stayed at home because they were tired. "How boring! I will never be like that!" I thought to myself. Flash forward 20 years (AACK!), and here it is, Friday night, 9 pm. and this girl is ready for bed! Granted, I did get up at 4:40 to work out, worked for 8 hours and practiced yoga for 1.5 hours so I have had a full day. But these days, I really sometimes would rather sleep than go out!

The boys are going for drinks at Meteor, but I have a feeling we will be asleep before they call...and that's fine by me!

{Unfortunately I am bloggin' from the laptop so have no eye candy to time!} night night!


Enigmatic Heart said... it will be slippers and bathrobes as evening wear :)

Tingaling said...

You are not "officially old", but rather "officially wise"! And sleep is a good thing!