Sunday, June 07, 2009

yoga does a body good

Yesterday was spent working (only for 1 hour luckily!), practicing yoga (added 1 more move to the intermediate series), shopping (didn't buy anything BUT I am a step closer to getting those Gucci platforms at a relative steal - our friend B is the manager at Gucci in the Galleria, the shoes were on more sale there, they may get marked down even more by Tues and he offered me is discount!){here is Marc in a cool Ed Hardy hat (not!) - we went to a sample sale which should have been called a sucky sale because practically all they had was Ed Hardy crap!), eating (dosais at Udipiand spending time at K&M's pool.(Not in photo was my Joe, who was hanging out with his bro)
Pool time was great and even a bit chilly as the weather has been fairly mild for June in H-town. D got off work and bought some filets which the boys grilled and we had filets, potatoes, baked beans and cole slaw for dinner. And red wine.{Marc with the aforementioned wine. We didn't even finish 1 bottle, but as you can see it was a large one!} Lots of red wine. So by midnight I was a sleepy girl.

This morning Joe woke up at the crack to run and I had a hard time falling back asleep. So lack of sleep + too much red wine = mild hangover. We got some coffee and bagels which helped, but what has made me feel 100% better is getting a good sweat and strech at yoga. {my mood after yoga!}

I am looking forward to some more r&r today and some good bbq!

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Tingaling said...

You love those dosais! looks like a good Saturday - thanks for coming to the cookout yesterday!