Monday, July 27, 2009

Newest obsession

I love wearing scrubs to work for many reasons: it only takes 5 minutes to get dressed, I don't have to worry about picking something to wear to work every day, I am super comfortable at work, etc. etc.

But I also like clothes and wearing pretty things, so on my days off I like to dress up a little. I have been superinspired by wardrobe remix and the people who post their daily outfits. And typically the coolest clothes are the thrifted ones! I prefer to shop for new clothes (on sale of course) but I like to see how normal people are wearing stuff and create looks from that! For instance the same pair of shorts 2 different ways:I know I probably should spend my time on more practical things like cleaning the house or organizing my scrap crap, but how boring is that?

I am off to yoga here in a moment and then maybe some pool time, if the weather cooperates. I love having Mondays off!

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Tingaling said...

I am glad to see you can now post links! ;-)