Sunday, July 26, 2009

A whole lotta nothin'

This weekend was spent with yoga, scrapbookin', eatin' and chillin'. Gotta love that!

Saturday I went to yoga, met Peg for lunch at Empire and then scrapped to my heart's content in the afternoon. Oh, and I wore my favorite bermuda shorts too!Joe had a mega workout and was gone pretty much all day. After he came home we grabbed a little TCBY before heading OTL (gasp!) to check out Saks Off Fifth. I found a black Calvin Klein sheath dress for only $40! It has a classic shape and fit really well so I figured it will come in handy one day!

After shopping we checked out a Korean BBQ place in Bellaire, that ended up being in the same strip mall as one of the restaurants we went to when the 'rents were in town. Our entrees came with multiple little appetizersJoe was really hungry and happy to see the foodOur main dishes were Korean BBQ with tofu soup and a seafood pancake thing. We were given a raw egg to crack into the soup and cook.We were pretty hungry!But Joe still had room for a little more dessert.Today has been pretty chill. I ran 4 miles to Joe's 12 and got to see a cool morning sky.We practiced yoga as usual (I am on a roll! I have been 6 times in the last 8 days! Really loving it right now!).

This afternoon we hung out, ate some more fro-yo before going grocery shopping. I think we will be making fish tacos tonight...yummy!


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend.
Great pictures - thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great weekend..

love your hair and makeup, when are you guys coming????

Tingaling said...

The food looked good! Sorry we couldn't hang out this weekend - how about next? Do you work on Saturday?