Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well, we made it thru September sans hurricanes! This year is flying by! And I have feeling October is going to be even faster!

10 random things right now:
1) I am missing my hubs tremendously!
2) I can't wait to get back into yoga practice.
3) I am looking forward to meeting my new nephew in a few months :)
4) My 20 year high school reunion is in 2 weekends - aaack! (Fortunately most peeps have been in touch via FB, so it shouldn't be too traumatic)
5) I really wish I had more time to spend with peeps who live out of town.
6) I waste too much time on the computer
7) I have a major sweet tooth.
8) I am doing my best to curb my shopping's just hard when the sales come around!
9) I really wish my calves were a bit thinner so I could wear cool tall boots.
10) Did I already say I miss my hubs? Thank goodness he is coming home tomorrow!


Tingaling said...

Time is just speeding by!!! Dec will be here before we know it!!!

Anonymous said...

time flying....Joe probably already home and baby will be here in no time.....