Sunday, October 04, 2009

I just blinked

...and the 1st weekend in October is almost over! What happened??

Well...Joe finally returned home on Thursday. Friday we just chilled out at home. Saturday I got my hair cut and colored (see photo!). We also helped host an engagement party for our friends J&M at Club Rue.

And today I managed to practice yoga, do some grocery shopping, clean up my scrap crap (maybe I'll even get a layout or 2 done this month!) and upload a ton a photos. We also watched The Contender, a 2000 movie about a woman who get nominated to be VP of the country and how her opponents try to bring her down. It was pretty good, except for the cheesy ending.

I'm hoping this will be a less stressful week at work and am glad I still have another day before I go back!

1 comment:

tingaling said...

cute hair cut! see you friday! ruru is going to love you being in the back seat with her!!!!