Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not a fan

Billy and JC are a MAC family - they have a laptop and desktop. They do have wireless but I am having issues trying to connect to it on our laptop (PC). So Billy let me use their desktop to upload photos. I have been trying to put them on either Facebook or Flickr, but having major uploading issues - ugh! I'm sorry but MACs are not as intuitive as they claim to be. Maybe it's just user error, but I am definitely a PC girl at heart.

So, because of aforementioned issues, again a post with no photos. I practiced yoga again this morning. It's been raining again today - boo! Now I am off to meet my cousin Poni (stage name) and Aunt Fifi for lunch. Later gater!

1 comment:

tingaling said...

Macs rule. Say hi to the cuz and auntie for me!