Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doing my part

The main problem I have when working out of time is the uncontrollable urge to shop. Since I really have nothing better to do, and since we are close to some of my favorite stores, that's what I ended up doing this afternoon.

Fortunately most everything I bought was on sale (except some accessories from F21, but those are cheapie anyways). Old Nave was having their extra 50% off clearance items so I bought a few choice items on the cheap. Gap was having an extra 25% of clearance items too so I found a dress I had been eyeing.11.19.09Some things I have learned about shopping this week: almost everything eventually goes on sale so NEVER PAY FULL PRICE (this even includes most designer duds with the exception of LV...I really need to make friends with someone who works there - hee hee). If the item sells out before going on sale, you probably don't want it anyways - everyone already has it!

One other thing: Forever 21 is a good source for cheap trendy itmes, but steer clear of skirts, dresses and pants: most of their bottoms are made for teeny boppers with no thighs or hips! Their tops work for the most part, just don't feel bad if you have to size up.

The last thing: Wear what you buy!

Thank goodness I am going home tomorrow. At least I can say I have done my part to stimulate the economy!

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Tingaling said...

Can't wait to see your purchases!