Saturday, January 16, 2010


I can't believe January is already half over - eep! I have been trying to get organized, but don't seem to be very successful. Today was the 1st Saturday in 3 weeks that I had to work - wasn't fun but wasn't too painful either.

We are running the half-marathon tomorrow so am having an early night, although we did meet some friends for some pre-dinner cocktails.
I have really been addicted to cardis this season...

2010 01 16 photo
The boy in the middle, Z, is celebrating his birthday tonight (although it was technically 2 nights ago). Unfortunately we couldn't join everyone for dinner because of aforementioned race. And off to bed I go!

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Wellington Grey (time management coach) said...

If you want some help getting organized, please send me a message. I'm very good at what I do : )