Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Getting my ski legs back

Breckenridge day 3Sunday was our first day of skiing and I will be the first to admit that I was feeling a little tentative. I am not an advanced skier by any means but I have been doing it for 30+ years so I do know a little of what I am doing. Joe and I were both pretty tired and sore after the day and even some of the blue slopes were making me nervous.

Monday seemed to be a completely different story. It was colder than Sunday even though the sun was out but we were feeling better than the day before. I really enjoyed skiing on the freshly groomed trails and it helped that the slopes were not crowded at all. All in all it was a great day on the slopes. We even had our picture taken by the ski photog - I ordered 3 different prints - they are funny!Breckenridge day 3
Breckenridge day 3
To stretch out we practiced yoga through a class from the rec center. The place we practiced was only 5 minutes away, just this tiny building with windows all around. It was almost surreal, practicing with the mountains in full view. It was an intermediate class, but I have finally figured out that if you practice mysore ashtanga yoga, almost nothing else is as challenging. We did a lot of lower back exercises and I got a good strech so I am very glad we went.

For dinner we went to Empire Burger, just down the road from us. We split a bowl of chili and Joe had a buffalo burger while I ate a portabello mushroom burger. For dessert we got another cookie ice cream sandwich!Breckenridge day 3
This morning we are going on an early morning snowshoe hike before heading out to some outlet stores and getting on our flight. Hopefully pictures will be posted by tonight!Breckenridge day 4

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