Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it sad?

That I get dressed solely to take a photo before changing into scrubs?
The only thing of this outfit that I actually wore the rest of the day was the long sleeved white tee. I just get so bored of wearing a uniform, albeit a very comfortable one. Oh well, you only get to be young and frivolous once. Or at least just frivolous, in my case :)

Mom is coming for a visit tonight. I can't wait to see and hang out with here, especially since the hubs is leaving for another ski trip tonight as well!


DEA said...

This is casually cute!!


e. said...

It's not sad at all! I say take any chance you have to be creative and indulge your interests. :) The cowl top looks great with the flower pin. I've been wanting a flower pin for quite some time!

Lady Cardigan said...

Not sad! At least you got to wear something fun for a little while. Those jeans are perfect on you.