Sunday, February 21, 2010

New shades

I love finding a good bargain on clothes, shoes and accessories. However, two things I really do not like to buy cheaply are bags and sunglasses (I prefer good shoes as well, but luckily decent ones can always be found on sale). I have owned my share on Chinatown knock-offs, but after the last $40 bag I bought literally fell apart after 2 uses, I said never again (also, I ethically know it's not good to buy fake). I am really dying for a new Gucci bag but that's a topic for a different day.

In my opinion, expensive sunglasses are worth it. I have spent $10, $100 and $400 on various shades. I still own those various shades. The ones I have worn almost everyday for the last 2 years were Tom Fords and I absolutely adore them. I bought them over Thanksgiving in 2007 at a boutique in Fort Worth that was owned by a classmate of my sister. I fell in love with them the moment I put them on and didn't flinch when I spent almost $400. Over the last 3+ years they have been broken and replaced (for free) and I have worn them almost every day that I could. So that makes about 50 cents per wear. Definitely worth it in my book!

So I finally acquired a new pair! I have been lusting after these oversized Dsquared black sunglasses since last fall. Fortunately I had a gift certificate as well as a discount so these didn't set me back as much as the Tom Fords, but I have a feeling they will be as well shades!
new shades!


e. said...

Those look great! Sunglasses are a hard-to-fit item for me but I love shopping for them nonetheless.

Lisa said...

I love your new shades!
I am perpetually on the hunt for sunglasses because I think none of them look good on me and after a couple of moves and bouts of decluttering, I am done to one sad pair from Target.
My experience with sunglasses is that the cheapies work better for me - the last $100 pair I got had these stupid tiny screws that kept coming out so I've resided myself to Target cheapies.