Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feeling better

So I woke up yesterday morning feeling less than great. Feeling kind of crappy, really. I managed to shower, get dressed, go to work and even work for a bit. But I didn't eat anything all morning (and anyone who knows me knows I love to eat and eat like a champ so something was definitely wrong). I left work about 11 AM and have been sleeping until about 7 this morning. I am feeling tons better (not quite 100% but maybe about 85%) so I think it was some kind of 24-hour stomach virus. Didn't take any wardrobe pics either so I guess our regularly scheduled programming will begin in the next day or 2!


Lisa said...

I hope you feel better!

Last time a few friends and I went to Mexico, we were careful not to drink the water, but BF and one other guy didn't think of the ice cubes in their beverages ... and thus Montezuma's Revenge.

amy kelinda said...

Oh nooo! I hope you feel better! That sounds horrible! It's good that you're getting plenty of rest, though!

Lady Cardigan said...

Ugh, I'm sorry. I'm glad at least you were able to enjoy your vacation before the illness hit, and I'm glad you're feeling better.