Friday, March 12, 2010

The story behind the clothes

I think the main difference between guys and girls is that guys shop out of necessity and girls shop because they love it. Take the hubs for example. He goes to the store when he needs an item (like a new pair of dress shoes for the wedding we attended a couple weeks ago), he goes to the store to look for said item (in his case, Kenneth Cole) and he buys said item (with a $50-off coupon - at least I taught him something!).

Now I window shop (mostly online these days - who has time to go just shopping?) - a lot. Too much. But I enjoy it and I usually don't buy anything. But when I do buy it's not out of necessity (do I really need another pair of jeans...or dress...or shoes...or whatever), but because the clothes speak to me. I can probably name why and where I purchased (not necessarily when) every item of clothing I own.

Take today's outfit. It's a mixure of old and new items. The cardi was bought on super sale online at Martin+Osa. The shirt is at least 11-12 years old, from J. Crew. I have had it since before grad school in Houston, which was '98! The skirt I bought from Anthro because I saw other fashion bloggers wearing it and fell in love. The belt is another oldie from when I got my master's so again, from the 90's (and yes, I was a professional student at one time). The tights were purchased last fall at Loft. The pumps are probably 4-5 years old from Ann Taylor. They are super comfortable and more practical than I realized (you can substitue red pumps for black or brown for almost any outfit!).

So there you have it. THe history of the outfit. Hey, this is kind of fun!


Sal said...

Another difference between guys and girls? A guy would never remember such detail about his outfit!

Such a fun combination of preppy and girly items in this ensemble.

e. said...

I agree with Sal on both points. :) You look great, and I love the color of the sweater against the skirt (which *is* a great one, btw).

My husband hates shopping. He doesn't look for sales or coupon codes (not sure he even knows about the latter) but it's not a big deal since he rarely buys anything. The last time he needed jeans, I scoped out BR ahead of time and led him straight to the stack for him to try on. (A couple months later I went back and bought him a second pair of the exact fit/wash at his request.) Funny.

Lady Cardigan said...

I love your outfit. The cardigan and skirt are perfect together.

I just looked around randomly at some items of clothing I own, and yes, I can remember when and why I bought everything. Funny.

Lisa said...

You look great - I love that skirt and am currently hunting it on Ebay.
Does this mean I'm more like a guy if I don't remember when/where/why I've purchased my clothes? Or does that just say something about my shopping habits (ugh)?

myedit said...

I'm totally the same. I can always (almost) id where something came from and then after I wear it, I get emotionally attached because of the memories that come with the article of clothing. Such a sucker I am...