Sunday, May 02, 2010

Anatomy of a great Saturday

I love having Saturdays off. I really treasure them because I work at least 2 Saturdays a month for the whole day and usually another just for an hour or two.

Yesterday was a crazily humid day. I was sweating buckets after our morning run. We also practiced yoga at our gym instead of our yoga studio, which I actually really enjoyed. I practice ashtanga yoga, which is fairly intense, at least 3-4x/week. I have been doing so for over 5 years and I absolutely love the way it makes me feel, both mentally and physically. Over the last couple months I have been getting deeper into poses than ever, which again, I love, but is putting some excess strain on my back. So I like to mix up my practice with some vinyasa yoga, which is similar but not necessarily the same.

After our morning workouts, we ran lots of errands. We checked out the 30% off sale at Old Navy, but didn't get much. IMG_0169Then we headed to Lowe's to buy a much needed grill!IMG_0170The hubs did most of the legwork on this. We decided this would be our anniversary gift to each other this 050110Unfortunately Lowe's doesn't have a shoe section, so I go bored fairly quickly.IMG_0172But I can always find something to amuse myself with. Hopefully the grill will be ready for pickup today!IMG_0173By this time we had worked up a pretty good appetite so we had lunch at a new-to-us restaurant called Shawarma King, a middle Eastern place. IMG_0174The chicken shawarma I had was delicious and filling!

Our last stop was at Tast-ee Delite for some fro-yo, but I had to stop in Anthro just to check out the pretties.IMG_0175Joe was losing a bit of steam by then so we didn't stay long.

For dinner we met up with some friends at 1308 for a little Tex-Mex and then to Dean's for after dinner drinks. Needless today, we are dragging a little this morning! But all in all, it was an excellent day and I look forward to another one today.2010 05 01 photoAnd what I wore:05.01.10I love this wall of jasmine in our neighborhood and wish I could take all my remix photos in front of it!


Lisa said...

Oh I have been so lacking in my yoga and exercise regime in general. Shame on me ... I want to look as fit as you do.

I love your Sat. outfit - so casual and fun. And where did you get those shoes - I kind want to steal them off your feet!

e. said...

I love that outfit — excellent skirt (I can do ruffles like that I think). It's so nice to have weekends off. I can't imagine how tired it must make you to have to work on Saturdays. Then again, I spend my Saturdays lazing about, not going for a run in the hot sun *and* going to yoga. I tried pilates when I was out in LA and I really liked it, but it's kind of expensive to keep up.

The photos of you at Lowe's and your husband at Anthro are hilarious. Every time I go to Anthro the sofas are full of guys waiting for their ladies.

amy kelinda said...

The last photograph is stunning! The wall of jasmine is gorgeous. I love how you were riding the mower at Lowe's, haha!

alltumbledown said...

OOh, great scarf! I like the pairing with the red earrings- unexpected and bold. And that wall of jasmine is just beautiful!