Sunday, May 02, 2010

A quiet Sunday

Today was a lay-low kind of day.IMG_0194We ate lunch at a neighborhood sandwich shop. The name always amuses us because Joe used to have a buddy he called JonMon.

IMG_0195This morning was not quite as humid as yesterday, but the temperatures reached the 90s by mid-afternoon. Please summer, I'm not quite ready for you today!

IMG_0197We did make it to the grocery store as our fridge was quite empty.

2010 05 02 photoBut the highlight was picking up our new grill! We decided this year our anniversary gift to each other would be this grill. I am hoping we fire up this bad boy tomorrow (and by fire up, I mean hook it up to the natural gas line at the back of our house!).

05.02.10My fashion goal this summer is to wear the plethora of dresses I have hanging in my closet. I can still look cute even if the hubs is the only one who sees me today, no?


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the colour of the scarf what a difference it makes to the dress.

amy kelinda said...

Ooo, a new grill! I can't wait until those neighborhood BBQs begin! Mmmm... And yes, you are TOTALLY allowed to look cute even if your hubby is the only one who will see you!