Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The best birthday ever

I think I just spent the past two days simply recovering from the party Saturday night. I wasn't even hungover, just so emotionally spent. I kind of feel like I did after our wedding - so happy that I just can't stop thinking about the night!

Apparently it's been 4+ months in the making! Tingaling came up with the original idea to Joe and after much brainstorming they decided on a party to end all parties at T's house. ALL my friends and family were in on the secret, which explains why no one has been calling for the past month - I thought we were being anti-social, but apparently everyone was afraid they would spill the beans!

I guess I am completely gullible, but I am so glad, because otherwise there would not have been a surprise! We have over 300 photos from the event, but I will only post a few :)
Surprise!"WTF?!?! Why is everyone here???"

Surprise!"OMG! There is no party at Lynn Wyatt's? Does this mean I'm not meeting Bon Jovi?"

Surprise!"Ann! Ree! Bill!" I'm not sure whose name I am screaming but it has to be someone from out of town :)

Surprise!Poor JJ wasn't sure to make of all the people, and he was up way past his bedtime!

Surprise!The best sister and friend in the world!

Surprise!The best husband in the world!

Surprise!Some dear girlfriends - I loved that the theme was PINK and everyone wore it!

Surprise!The cutest and best parents in the world!

Surprise!Fabulous friends from grad school!

Surprise!I think Joe and Tingaling could make a career of party planning!

Surprise!Me and my cuties!

Surprise!Blowing out my birthday candles! Both Joe and Tingaling gave touching toasts, that made me feel, somehow, even more loved than before!

Surprise!Billy Boo, in the glasses, flew in from NYC!

Surprise!All told about 60 people attended the party. This is the last photo we took. Obviously it was impossible to get one with everyone in it, but this is a good example. I am still reeling and maintain I am the luckiest girl in the world! And guess what, it's not even my birthday yet ;)!


Erin said...

How fun!! I love the look on your face (throughout the party, but esp. upon entry)! And the pink theme is PERFECT for you (I love all the boys in pink!). You deserve a great birthday celebration like this one! :)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

This is so lovely - the joy radiates from the pictures. You have a lovely and thoughtful family. What more could anyone want?

Sal said...

Oh lady, it looks like a wonderful time! And happy, happy belated!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

How absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Happy Belated Birthday...it looks like you had a fantastic and fun time! :)

jcrewphd said...

How fun and what a lovely birthday from your DH and family/friends! Can I say you look absolutely amazing?!
Happy birthday!

amy kelinda said...

AWWW! Your friends are the most thoughtful and cutest people ever! How wonderful that they were able to put together such an awesome shindig for you!!! I love that everyone, even the guys, are wearing pink. It's YOUR party for sure!

Lady Cardigan said...

Oh, you have such wonderful family and friends! I love that even the guys are wearing pink. What nice, fun and thoughtful people. Happy almost-birthday to you.

gina said...

Looks a bit like a breast cancer walk. :-) So sweet that everyone dressed in your favorite color in honor of you.

Lisa said...

You have the best friends and hubby ever - how great that everyone wore your fave color and celebrated you like that. And I love that first pic of you - you look so surprised! That is so awesome!

tinger said...

YAY! Cute pics! Glad there was one of the planning crew - Josephine and me!