Sunday, May 09, 2010


amazed. blessed. unbelievely lucky. so so so happy. and even a bit exhausted.

I cannot express how I am feeling today. Last night my friend M was taking me to a party at Lynn Wyatt's house. To make a long story short, he told me a friend of his got invited and that friend wanted us to come as well. Being a trusting friend and never one to turn down the possibility of meeting Bon Jovi (who he said was rumored to be there), I accepted with great pleasure. We were planning on meeting at my sister's for drinks prior to the party.

Imagine my surprise when we showed up at my sister's house and 90% of the people that I adore in my life being there, including BK, one of my besties from high school! It took a few minutes to register than 1) everyone was here for me! 2)no we weren't meeting Bon Jovi and 3) there was no other party! I don't think I stopped smiling for at least an hour after the surprise. And I know I have never felt more loved :)

I don't think I snapped a single photo last night - my dear hubs and friends took over that job. Everyone was dressed in pink! We had tons of food and even a photo booth!
05.08.10dress: Banana Repulic outlet
shoes: Gucci, remix'd
necklace: Anthropologie

Of course I snapped a remix photo prior to leaving for the party. I bought this dress at the outlet mall last month and love it! The shoes were from last year, my absolute favorite pair ever! And the Stormy Seas necklace from Anthro was the huge hit of the night.

And as much as I love looking fabulous and having new clothes, nothing, nothing can replace the wonderful people I call my family and friends. And that's all I ever want for my birthday.


Lisa said...

Oh my word, lady, you are totally rocking out in that dress and those sky-high heels! I am loving your total look - holy cow you dress up nice! :o)

amy kelinda said...

You look AMAZING in that dress! The cut is PERFECT on you! And those shoes, wow! I'm so glad that you had an awesome time at the party!

gina said...

Happy Birthday! Love love love that dress and the shoes. You look awesome!

Tingaling said...

YAY! Just glad you were surprised!!!