Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't sleep so I'll post instead

This is what I wore to a dear friend's 40th birthday party last night. I realize it's the same dress I wore to mine, but it's too fabulous not to wear more often. Because its length is not too scandalous, I am going to do a work remix for this dress here soon!

06.12.10 PMall items remix'd
dress: Banana Outlet
shoes: Miss Trish of Capri for Target
earrings: gift

I went with more casual sandals since the dress of the party was "summer casual" and since I developed a big blister on my left big toe from wearing my clogs sans socks the other day. I was also in charge of taking photos of the party so I wanted to be as comfy as possible, although by the end of the night my legs were still pretty tired!

And I am up before the sun is out even though I didn't get to bed until 1:30 this morning because my internal body clock wants to be up. Fortunately I started drinking water at about 9:30 last night so I am not hungover, just extremely tired and unable to sleep. I think a nap will be in order this afternoon!

Happy Sunday!


sharonlei said...

That dress is gorgeous! If I owned it I defnitely would wear it over and over again. ;) Happy Sunday!

xx Love & Aloha

Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

You look fabulous in that dress! If I had your bod, I'd wear that dress all the time!

Megan said...

That dress is amazing! And you look fabulous in it.

Meli22 said...

That dress accents your tiny waist SO well!