Sunday, June 13, 2010

Remix anniversary

06.13.10dress: Gap
shoes: Life Stride
earrings: gift
shades: Dsquared
bag: Gucci

One year ago this date, I posted my first wardrobe remix to Flickr. I didn't start blogging my outfits regularly until this year really and now it's become a mild obsession!

6.13.09top: from Italy
shorts: Gap
shoes: Gucci
earrings: gift
bracelets: gifts

This is what I wore. I wouldn't say that my style has changed all that much over the last year but I am definitely wearing more color as well as less jeans (I don't think I've worn a pair since April!). I am also appreciating a good belt much more as well. And since I have been wearing regular clothes to work as opposed to scrubs I have been definitely taking advantage of the contents of my crowded closet.

2010 06 12 photoMy friend's birthday party last night was great. I took over 200 photos in the span of about 5 hours...I hope they like the snaps!


LyddieGal said...

Happy Anniversary!
Love your patterned dress, and yes, belts are so awesome. I think I re-fell in love with them once I started remixing.

Chic on the Cheap

amy kelinda said...

Happy blog anniversary! WOW you had sassy hair last year! When did you decide to cut it?