Monday, June 14, 2010

Could it BE any more humid?

Today is a day when you just want to be inside because the moment you walk outside the sweat starts dripping all over! And summer isn't even technically here yet!

06.14.10all items remix'd
tank: Gap
skirt: Martin+Osa
shoes: J. Crew
bag: Gucci

We made a couple stops this morning after yoga: IMG_0939(well, actually we were going to Williams Sonoma, but since Anthro is right next door I couldn't resist going in!).

IMG_0941I am super excited for this store to open. Besides windown shopping for clothes, I love window shopping for cute paper goods!

2009 01 12 photoI really should not enter this store because I never leave without buying something. I was actually a nice girl and bought the hubs a new pair of yoga shorts and I got myself a pair of yoga pants (at least they were on sale!).


Tingaling said...

I didn't know paper source was coming to H-town! In Highland Village? I should see if they need to hire anyone :-) I've browsed it on-line, and they have lots of great stuff!

Elle Sees said...

Girl come over to Atl and see if the humidity is worse! Whew.

Someone said...

You're getting a Paper Source? I didn't know they were a chain now...shopped at their Cambridge MA store for years. It's charming, you'll love it!

E said...

I love that pretty pink skirt!

Elaine said...

That's how the PHilippines felt like! I can't believe you have to live in the humidity like that! At least you always look so chic despite being "hot" ;)

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

sofi moukidou said...

hey you! love your blogs!
follow you, follow me?????
p.s. love your skirt!

gina said...

Chandler!!! He and Monica were my favorites!!

I love the pinks with the silver sandals. So summery!