Saturday, August 07, 2010

4, 5, & 6

30 for 30 Banner

6 + 16 + 38
scarf: Gap, remix'd

I had to secretly take this photo at the airport while waiting for my flight out because I forgot to take one before I left. I was distracted by this cutie:my favorite baby boy

22 + 27
shades: Tom Ford, remix'd

What I wore to Grampa's Memorial Service. Because the service was more to celebrate the life he lived rather than mourn his death, the dress was more casual and less somber than all black.

7 + 19 + 29
shades: Tom Ford, remix'd
bag: Herve Chapelier, gift'd

And what I wore on our shopping trip yesterday.

Today we watched the sunrise in our kayaks. We are going to be boating as well as eating lobster later on. Can't wait!


Ena said...

Glad to see you seem to be enjoying your trip! And I really love the dress, it is so cute!


Angeline said...

That black and white dress is gorgeous...and are those pockets I see?!?