Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New shoes!

Taryn Rose at ShopStyle
Since I have started wearing real clothes to the office, I have been on the search for some "grown up" shoes. I have always equated grown up with boring, but they don't necessariy have to be. I found these at DSW for an extra 30% off so apparently I saved $315.04. They are by Taryn Rose and feel super comfy, although I did have to size up to 38 for a good fit. Expect a remix photo to come soon!

{I even stayed in my monthly shopping budget with these. Although now I am wondering if I should exclude shoes. But then I would probably just go on shoe buying binges. So for now, shoes are included!}


Melissa said...

Those are great! I get a lot of gorgeous shoes from Payless, believe it or not. Target has awesome shoes too.

Megan Mae said...

Super cute and a great deal to boot. Adult shoes don't have to be boring.