Friday, November 26, 2010

Fifteen and sixteen

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. I hope you ate too much turkey and pumpkin pie yesterday; I know I did. I recreated my outfit from yesterday as I didn't have time to take a remix photo.

18 + 27
leggings: AA, remix'd

With the weather varying from 80degrees to 40 degrees over the past few weeks, the remix challenge has been quite the challenge! I definitely didn't choose all the right clothes and am wearing several pieces (i.e. the sweaters) over and over again.

9 + 12 + 23 + 30
pashmina: from vendor in NYC, remix'd

I did cheat a little on showing these outfits: last night I didn't wear the boots and today's outfit was put on and then promptly removed after the photo was taken. I don't think I am going to brave the crowds on this black Friday and I just plan on hanging out with the fam the rest of the day so back into Lululemon yoga pants we go! This outfit is what I WOULD wear if I was actually leaving the house today :)

Did anyone score any great deals today or did you avoid the crowds like me?


Ena said...

Oh I really like the first outfit! It's so simple but so lovely! Your boots are amazing!


angie said...

Who plays the piano?The weather is crazy here ,too.Simple comfy outfits!

Megan Mae said...

Love the big pink scarf! I stayed home. D had to work at 5am and so I decided to sleep off my turkey coma.

LyddieGal said...

I love your stripes and pink scarf!!
and I know what you mean, sometimes I get dressed just to leave the house for an hour, come home and change back in to loungewear.
Hope you are having a wonderful post holiday weekend!

Linda W said...

I like that stripped shirt and pink scarf.
The Auspicious Life

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

The black outfit with the grey boots in gorgeous! Simple but oh so chic!

♔Reyna♔ said...

love the outfits! The 2nd one is very relaxex-perfect if you had gone out to shop! lol. You now have a new follower! If you get a chance stop by & say hi!


Matt said...

I love those outfits!! And we totally avoided Black Friday too! We did drive by a Walmart parking lot late on Thursday just to see the crowds though! :)