Sunday, November 28, 2010


What I wore yesterday during the day (I wore something else out last night; still within the confines of the challenge but I didn't take a photo. I may recreate this look later):
11 + 12 + 25 + 27
shades: Dsquared, remix'd
earrings: Bitten by SJP, remix'd

I have miscalculated the things I would wear over this remix challenge and actually have 5 items I have yet to wear! We'll see how I can incorporate them over the next couple weeks.


Megan Mae said...

Eek the remix master! At least you won't feel bored during your last 30/30 days.

Rebecca said...

How did you get to 17 on 25 pieces? That's amazing!

Matt said...

Hah, wow, you are great at remixing!! I would have trouble getting past picking shoes! I love this outfit though, and those boots really are a fabulous color! :)