Tuesday, November 23, 2010


9 + 15 + 28
scarf: Gap, remix'd

We have got some wacky weather here in H-town. 80s with lots of rain and humidity. So I thought I would go with an old standby - simple tee with a skirt. I have also decided to skip recreating my looks from the weekend (they were just variations of the same thing) and re-start the challenge at the present.


Megan Mae said...

Pink and navy is a great color combo! That is probably the most perfect denim skirt.

(also I really hope the stripes are navy and it's not my dumb computer screen!)

Rebecca said...

I like the pink and navy.

Melissa said...

So simple but you look utterly chic and put together!

E said...

That scarf is a great touch to this look!

Matt said...

Super cute!! The colors are fabulous! Your remixes are so awesome! :)