Monday, November 08, 2010

Week in photos (and what I wore)

We just returned from Cabo last night and I am now trying to get caught up with real life. Going on vacation is wonderful; returning takes some adjusting. So my 30-for-30 posts may be a bit delayed.

2010 11 01 photo
JJ is on a roll; I think he took his first steps when I was gone!

2010 11 02 photo
Dr. Seuss is his favorite

201011 03 photo
"Lady, do you ever NOT have a camera in front of me?!?"

2010 11 04 photo
Our view of the Pacific

2010 11 05 photo
Our Cabo San Lucas group

2010 11 06 photo
We did see the beach, albeit very briefly. Being by the water is not very fun when you can't get in!

2010 11 07 photo
Our last breakfast at the house. I took over 500 photos of our vacation and won't bore you with all of them, although I will probably post some more later this week!

My travel outfit to Cabo
all items remix'd
top: J. Crew
cardi: Banana
jeans: Buffalo
shoes: Dolce Vita
shades: Dsquared
scarf: Loft
bag: Tory Burch

I am a bit sad because I left that white cardi in one of the cabs we took to dinner. Oh well, I guess it could've been worse!

My travel outfit home
all items remix'd
dress: Banana
shoes: J. Crew
shades: Banana
necklace: Me&Ro, gift'd


LyddieGal said...

Your ocean view looks amazing, super peaceful and relaxing.
Coming back from vacation is the pits.
I love your look with the white cardi, what a travesty!
(but it shouldn't be too hard to replace, right?)

angie said...

It seems a nice place where you've been.I've also lost some clothes over the years like cardis,scarves and always umbrellas.I'm looking forward for your first outfit.I've already posted mine.

Melissa said...

Holy cow, you look incredible!

This looks like SUCH a fun vacation! I wish I had a large group of friends like that to go on vacation with. Sorry about that cardigan - hope you can find another one like it!

Megan Mae said...

What beautiful vacation photos!

I love your going home outfit. It says "hey I'm super relaxed from my marvelous vacation".

Sucks about the cardigan though. Last time D and I went on vacation we had a PSP stolen from our stuff!

Tingaling said...

Glad you had a good time in Cabo - but glad you are home, too! There is lots to be done before JJ's first bday party ;-)

Kristina said...

You looked so pretty in all your looks so warm there!
Kristina J.

WendyB said...

Love the dress...jealous of the beach!

Ena said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun on vacation! I can see that from those fun pictures :) And I love your flower print dress!


Matt said...

So many great outfits! And it looks like a fun vacation! The view of the Pacific looks so... relaxing! And I loved your caption "Lady, do you ever NOT have a camera in front of me?!?" Bummer about the cardigan, but those are great pictures and it all looks like so much fun! :)