Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All shopped out

I just spent the better half of this afternoon shopping at the Galleria and, even with all the extra 30-50% off sale prices, came home with nothing! One, I didn't have the patience to try everything on or wait in line to pay for anything and Two, I didn't find anything that was so amazing I had to have it. Don't worry though, I did make up for it before Christmas with the extra 25% Anthro sale and my ever favorite Lululemon. But I think I am done shopping for 2010 :)

With that, here are some December Daily pics:
2010 12 23 sweet
Life is sweet - candy canes always remind me of the holidays.

2010 12 24 enchantment
Enchantment - I love snow, when it's sunny and I don't have to shovel!

2010 12 25 moment
This magic moment - you are never too old to enjoy Christmas.

2010 12 26 after
The day after - my pile of Christmas hats, waiting to be put away until next year.

2010 12 27 fresh
A breath of fresh air - outside in Maine after the blizzard.

2010 12 28 glass
Through the looking glass - we had a yummy treat waiting in our fridge when we arrived home yesterday!

1 comment:

Megan Mae said...

I hear you on the shopping. I had more luck on a 15 minute thrift run today than spending 2 straight days shopping.