Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten

I thought I'd step on the list-making bandwagon going around the bloggy-world with my top 10 favorite looks from this year.

1. From February. I love the layers, the colors, the sunnies and the boots!

2. Also from Feb. Um, pink and black, sign me up!

3. From March and November. This is the one maxi dress I own and I absolutely adore, especially because I tend to wear in when on vacation at the beach.

4. From April. I like the cool vibe and drapiness here.

5. Also from April. My favorite top paired with my favorite pants. I have a lot of hair here!

2010 05 12 photo
6. From May. Using a summer dress for work. I love that this dress is over 10 years old but still looks good.

7. From June. Nothing makes me happier than head-to-toe pink!

8. From July. A great dress from Loft.

9. From October. A great dress from Anthro.

10. From December. Vintage jewelery, Gucci platforms, and a hot hubby. What more could a girl need?


Fashion Therapist said...

I absolutely LOVE the boots you were wearing in the April outfit. Have a wonderful New Year!!!

LyddieGal said...

LOVE your December look! and your bright and colorful year.
all the best in 2011!

kris said...

Fabulous style. I adore that you love pink -- you look so beautiful in it. Love the loft dress and the jeans cuffed with boots is such a cool look on you. Not sure if I can pull that off at only 5' tall.

Gucci platforms -- awesome!

Ena said...

You really have a great style! I can't pick my favorite but I see a few of my favorite outfits of yours in this list :)


Linda W said...

That is a great Loft dress! Love it!

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