Monday, December 06, 2010

Week in photos

I can't believe how fast time has been going since I was laid off. Now I can't imagine how I would fit a job into my schedule!

Things I have been doing with my time:
2010 11 29 photo
having lunch with dear friends, D and C, who was visiting from LA.

2010 11 30 photo
making meals for me and the hubs.

2010 12 01 photo
spending time with my now one-year-old nephew!

2010 12 02 photo
having dinner dates and making time to reconnect with friends. T-bone and I are relishing our ice cream after dinner.

2010 12 03 photo
enjoying fun holiday treats with the hubs. He had to work Friday night and didn't go into the office until later so we had lunch and got our haircut.

2010 12 04 photo
going out with our friends. AQ was visiting from London.

2010 12 05 photo
having brunch with friends. I did not eat this meal...I just ordered the pancakes :)

I just realized all my photos this week were of either people or food. I guess those are my necessities in life.


Fashion Momma said...

I NEED the recipe for the meal you cooked. It looks DELISH!

Melissa said...

Of course, who needs anything more than people and food? :)

These are great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful week!

Megan Mae said...

The food looks fantastic. Good company and good food are the cornerstones of a happy life.

Matt said...

What a fabulous week!! Friends and food are both pretty great things!! Love the pictures! :)