Saturday, January 15, 2011

Working weekend

all items remix'd
top: Anthro
cardi: Express
skirt: Old Navy
boots: Anthro
earrings&necklace: Collingnon Designs
tights: Loft

One thing about returning to you gotta work! I did enjoy all my weekends off in November and December.

And I wasn't kidding about the boots. I hope you don't get tired of them!


Sarah said...

Cute outfit!!

Have fun at work!

Sarah at Classroom Chic

Megan Mae said...

Love the boots. Still not tired of them, I think they're a great pairing to that top. More unexpected than black boots might be.

Hope work goes well for you.

Fashion Therapist said...

OMG Work!!! It's been added to my list of four letter swear words. Just kidding, but not really. I love my job, but can I have the 2 weeks of vacay back. :(

angie said...

I just noticed them today and they are great boots both color and style!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

So not tired of the boots - but I get regret pangs every time I look at how good you look in them!

Between Laundry Days said...

Bummer on working over the weekend! Though, always better than not having it at all, I suppose. And yay for those best boots ever!