Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Swede in India on St. Paddy's Day

Santosha is one of my favorite breakfast places by the shala. I think I come here at least 4-5 mornings out of the week, because of proximity to my house as well as tastiness of food.

2011 03 17 photo
Magnus served us some delicious cardamom cake at Santosha's this morning. They usually have a new baked good other every morning.

Ellie got the requisite green drink and wore the requisite green shirt in honor of the day.

I have dubbed Marika our "Julie Cruise Director," as she like to plan our social events, a.k.a. places we will be eating our meals.

My girl China having her usual tofu scramble with multigrain toast plus butter and ragi chocolate pancakes!

Magnus and Anne are quite a wonderful couple and run a very comfortable place to be at. Eating Western-style breakfasts helps to balance out the Indian food so I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds.

I feel like this week things are just clicking: my practice, my health, finding balance between being social and being alone, meeting some really good ashtangis. I am starting to understand why folks like to come here for more than one month.


Cosmic said...

a wonderfully-uplifting post for St. Paddy's day(thanaks for sharing:)!

Brittney said...

what a fabulous post on a holiday like today's. it oozes warmth and contentedness and acceptance and joy. thanks.

angie said...

I stayed 6 months each time I visited India to soak up to the feeling of this wonderful country!