Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unbelievably blessed

In light of everything that has been happening in Japan over the last week, I am feeling so so lucky. This week has been so auspicious with my practice and I feel like everything has been falling into place. What I came here to do, I am doing. For this I am grateful and I am sending all my Oms out east.

baby 2
He is another reason our family is blessed! Baby Bres 2 was born yesterday afternoon, weighing in about 8 lbs 5 oz. He arrived exactly when he was scheduled to, on lucky St. Paddy's Day!

Baby 1
He's so beautiful! My sis and her hubs now have two gorgeous baby boys. I cannot wait to meet him!


angie said...

I send my warmest wishes to you and your family and the sweet litlle newborn nephew of yours!I trully believe there is hope in humanity and lies in the hands of the young ones!I 'm sure they will act wiser!

Cosmic said...

You and your lovely family are indeed soo very blessed and fortunate with this latest auspicious arrival(on St. Patrick's Day too:) congrats to you all.........perfect!


Megan Mae said...

Major congrats to you and your family for the new bundle of joy. I bet you're super happy to have another little nephew to spoil!

Anonymous said...

yesterday all of us (JJ, Dad and I) went to meet Fisher, he is sssoooooo cutie..., could not believe JJ is a little big brother now..

Anonymous said...

8 lbs 6 oz - don't try to cheat BG out of that last ounce! He can't wait to meet you either!