Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day of rest

all items remix'd
top: Patrick Robinson for Target
jeans: Gap
sandals: Target
earrings: gift'd
scarf&bangles: India

In practicing Ashtanga yoga, Saturdays are usually rest days. Adjustments have to be made, however, when living in the world outside of Mysore, India.

Because I have to be at work by 8AM on Wednesdays, I cannot attend the early morning practice at my "shala" (I used the term loosely because we practice in a room at a gym, but it's the closest thing I've got!). So I have elected Wednesdays and Saturdays I have to work as my rest days, in addition to the New and Full Moon days.

With this schedule I am practicing between 5-6 days/week. I have actually practiced 6 days in a row, up to today, so my body is aching for a rest. My mind, however, still wants to get on the mat. I suppose the challenge for me today is to practice the other limbs of ashtanga.


Rebecca said...

I like the casual scarf and tank top look! After 6 days of yoga, it sounds like you have earned a break!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Yoga Queen! I'd love to see how of the more challenging poses you have learned to do - I am constantly amazed by the poise, strength and flexibility of what I consider more "hard-core" yoga practioners!

amy kelinda said...

You are a yoga queen for sure! I am so impressed with your dedication!

Megan Mae said...

You're so hardcore into yoga. It makes me want to find somewhere and try it out this summer.

I love that you're using your India goodies in your everyday wear still. I think they make a grand addition to your outfits.

Melissa said...

Rest is essential to restore your body to work more effectively when you exercise again. Rest and enjoy!

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Elaine said...

Wow, that is IMPRESSIVE!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

omg...i think i should start yoga too...i wanna be able to wear sleeveless dresses again!

angie said...

I can see an indian influance in your outfit for today!it seems that it got really hot in your part of the world.