Friday, April 29, 2011

In anticipation

all items remix'd
top: LoL for Target
pants: Gap
shoes: J. Crew
earrings: gift'd
belt: Gap

Practically everyone I know loves Target. I mean, what's not to love? Their Libery of London line from last year was one of my all time favorites and I had to control myself from only buying 4 things.

I am beside my self with excitement for the new Calypso line. I went to one of my local Target's yesterday and they had signs everywhere for it. I wonder if they will be putting any items out earlier than May 1st...


LyddieGal said...

I've actually never purchased anything from targets designer lines; target is just not a place in my sights; the ones in my area aren't really near other places I often visit and I'd never make a special trip just to go there.
The one time I thought I'd go to get a Tucker dress, there were none.

I do kind of want a floppy straw hat and the ones at tjs were $24 and the target one was only $13...

Anonymous said...

That Calypso like looks pretty cute!

Rebecca said...

I have three of the pieces from the Liberty of London for Target line. I love the prints.

kimmie said...

I dont think I paid much attention to LoL when it came out, but now that I see your tank, I wish I did! I love the print and the cut of it! :)

laura said...

Yep, Target. :) I yet have to get stuff from their designer lines.. I can never seem to find stuff that fits me right... but the print on that top is just gorgeous!
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

Megan Mae said...

I'm like Lyddie, the closest Targets are a town or two over. I've really loved all the target clothes I've bought, but I usually feel like the stuff I really like is so expensive. I haven't checked out too many of the designer pieces, but I do have a pair of "designer" for target jeans that are pretty well made.

I love that particular color scheme of your tank. I wasn't as fond of the other versions.