Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Remix'd below

Notify jeans 01
As much as I like skinny jeans,

True Religions 01
I am glad that flares are making a comeback.

navy flare pants 01
A slight bootcut makes my muscular legs look a bit leaner!


Rebecca said...

I'm glad that flares are back in style, because I think it is fun to have lots of jeans options.

t said...

Nice denim looks!

Megan Mae said...

I prefer a nice bootcut too. Skinnies are perfect for tucking into boots, but I love the long-legged look of a good flare. I just wish I could find a pair that fit!

laura said...

Bootcuts don't work for me :( I am more of a skinny jeans/ flare jeans kind of gal. But all types work on your figure! I really love the last set of pics with the flared trousers! Loooks soooo great on you!
hearts, laura♥
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dotty said...

your remix posts are so great!